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The Books of Light: Angelic Peace and Healing

Introducing a New Book for Spiritual Seekers

In The Books of Light: Angelic Peace and Healing, there is critical information that the world needs to move out of its present hardships and into a happier future.

It is written by an incredibly gifted Angel Intuitive who is known for her exceptional accuracy and almost "dictation-like" ability to receive guidance from the Angels.

Reading this book will give you a very accurate picture of what the Angels REALLY want you to know in order to understand the nature of the unseen world - and how it can help you.

Not only will you be more able to understand what comprises the unseen, but you'll also find it easier to communicate more deeply with the Angels themselves.

The Books of Light will help you find "light in the darkness", help you sense your spiritual helpers, and help bring you peace in a world that seems to have lost its way.

If you want to know what the Angels have to say about the nature of life, the spiritual - and unseen - nature of reality, and where you fit in with it all, The Books of Light may well hold the answer that you've been looking for.

Actual Amazon Reviews

"What an uplifting, feel good, inspiring book! This book exudes a special energy and creates inner peace for your mind, body and soul. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a little positivity in their life. Excellent content!"

"Reading this book has been a healing experience for me."

"In today's hectic world of demanding jobs, families needs and political unrest, we often lose our light, become disconnected and unfulfilled. Ms. Colussi-Zanon, through her discourse with the Angels, invites us to ask Them into your life. The Books of Light may be read in its entirety or read in sections when you are inspired. It is an uplifting guide to help you obtain your own relationship with the Angels, thus allowing you to live your life with more grace, purpose and joy."

"Today, it is so easy to succumb to negativity and darkness. Ms. Colussi-Zanon has written a powerful, uplifting book that can help guide you to overcome despair to recognize and embrace goodness and light."

"...after completing the book I can say the book is filled with optimism and guidance to lift you spiritually. In particular I found the last chapter of the book that provided guidance on how to live your life to bring wonder, happiness and joy very compelling and actionable in my daily life."

"These Books of Light will seem like the best whispered words you've ever heard in the best dream you've ever had. You may not remember any of the details of that dream, but you know that it gave your soul life where before it may have felt dead...In this time of worldly chaos, it would be your immense good fortune to encounter this quiet but powerful living book."

"As soon as I began reading the book I was drawn in by a beautiful mystical energy, this book is a little gem full of wonderful information about angels and how they help humanity and so much more. In all its greatness it is all encompassing and a wonderful addition to anyone on their spiritual journey, or those interested in learning more about Light, Darkness and Angels. It has enlightened me."