Angels & Insights

Frequently Asked Questions about Anita

What do I do?

I give people the information that they need to help them with their lives through my connection to the Angels. I act as a kind of coach for them and I also help to release negative emotions and distress from their systems so that they can have more peace and have better lives.

I do this through a breakthrough technique called Inner Influencing. Inner Influencing is a new Energy modality that helps people to release emotions and difficulties that they are storing in their bodies and their minds that prevent them from living life as fully as they could.

Once these emotions and feelings are released, people feel freer to pursue the life that they want and generally have much more peace.

How do I help people?

People are often stuck in their issues or stopped because they have pain in their lives.

Sometimes this is about things that happened in the past or things that are going on now that they can't get out of. I help people to make sense of all these things that are affecting them and help them to get out of them by releasing the ways that these things have a hold on them in their lives. I do this through Inner Influencing and through my connection to the Angels.

The Angels tell me what would be best to work on and they also give me messages for the people I help to give them comfort and information about their lives and also on how to move forward.

How am I connected to the Angels?

I am connected to the Angels in a way that I would describe as natural and always present. They give me messages for people that I work with and also for myself in my daily life. I receive information through images, sometimes auditory - all within my mind eye. Information is given to me also through a more immediate transfer, in a sense, as if it is downloaded to me.

The Angels nudge me to say certain things or they give me information - background information if you like - about what people are saying to me. They'll tell me to ask a specific question or they will point me in a direction that I wouldn't normally go in on my own.

How can I help people with their lives?

I give them a safe place to tell me what's going on with them in their lives and then I give them advice about how to proceed and what the Angels and I think about the situation as they are describing it. This gives them a different perspective on things that they might not have considered on their own and it gives them peace and some tools (through Inner Influencing) to be better equipped to manage what they have going on.

When people work with me they understand that they have the fundamental right to peace and happiness in their lives and I give them the support they need to get there.

What is the most important thing that I do for people?

I give them peace so that they can follow their dreams and leave theturmoil of the past behind. Sometimes people have so much distress that they can't see anything in their lives besides this. The anxiety that this causes is overwhelming. We create a space for peace to develop and grow, not just in the session that we have together, but in their lives.

When we create this peace, what happens is that people are able to follow the path of their ideal life. I give them what they need to move forward and accelerate in that direction.

I use Angelic guidance and a special technique called Inner Influencing to target people's issues and to give them a different understanding of their lives than what they might see from their view point. I give them the Angelic vantage point and that gives them a more empowered sense from which to see, think and act in their lives.